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What does the Opiate Withdrawal Timeline Look Like?

Opiate Withdrawal Timeline

Opiate use over a long period of time causes the brain to develop some sought of endurance to the opiate. And as this occurs over time a user will need higher and higher doses to feel the effect of the drug. That is why the opiate withdrawal timeline is going to be different for each person. Opiates generally work by altering some of the main activities of the central nervous system including temperature regulation, respiration, blood pressure and heart rate.

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Opiate Withdrawal Detoxification Timeline



They also bind to some receptors in the brain increasing the hormones that trigger feelings of pleasure. In essence this means that when you use opiates, you will feel extraordinarily high but when stop using them the opposite happens. Opiate symptoms vary depending with your age, how much your brain relies on the drug and your general health.


On average the symptoms will set in within 6 to 24 hours of your last dose and continue for a week or so. Pain and discomfort usually peaks around the 2nd or 3rd day and start retreating on the 4th and 5th days. Nonetheless some psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety may persist for even months.
It may we wise to get medical help from a doctor. There are medications out there like Flexeril or Tramadol that may be helpful with withdrawals. Here is a detailed Opiate Withdrawal Timeline.


Day 1 of Detox


After about 10 or so hours after taking the last dose, the ‘high’ feeling will start to fade and you will start feeling depressed and anxious. Then a few hours later initial symptoms will start to set in. Cold chills, mild diarrhea and lethargy are usually the main ones at this point.


Day 2 of Detox


Most quitters experience the acute period of detox on the second day. Intense anxiety will set in and any attempts to sleep will be cut short by cold and hot chills. Severe diarrhea and muscle pain may also be experienced.


Along with the muscle pain, you may have also sweat profusely, experience insomnia and loss of appetite. Runny nose and cold symptoms may also show up but they will be minor. Medications such as subtext and subxone can be used to help counter these withdrawal symptoms.

Day 3 of Detox


You will be feeling your worst by this time, but don’t worry things will get better soon. Intense cold and hot flashes as well as sweating profusely will be the order of the day. Misery will overtake your thinking and the skin will be crawling. It will even be hard for you to sit down or concentrate. But keep in mind that you are about to get there and you can’t give up now.

Day 4 of Detox


Although not completely over, the worst of every symptom including, diarrhea, hot and cold flashes, insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite and vomiting should be over by this time .So congrats you are off the hook! It is recommended that you drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits at this time to replenish the lost fluids and nutrients through diarrhea.


Day 5 of Detox


Diarrhea will be completely gone during this time but mild shivers, stomach pain and nausea may still be there. Almost all the physical symptoms will be over but you will still be groggy, anxious and tired.


Day 6 of Detox and beyond


Once you get to this point, most of the symptoms associated with the acute detox stage will be gone. Perhaps the only remaining symptoms will be mild insomnia, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. These symptoms may remain for up to multiple weeks or even months.


Keep in mind that the specific timeline will vary depending on the individual. One quitter may experience protracted symptoms that last for several months while another may have less intense symptoms and a quicker recovery. Nonetheless it is very essential that you do everything possible to stay hopeful and understand that even though the symptoms may be very painful, you will soon get over it.

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