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The Thomas Recipe works at kicking opiate drug withdrawals

the thomas recipe

When it comes to opiate withdrawal it takes a lot of planning when deciding what type of treatment is ideal for you. It is usually recommended that you seek the services of a healthcare provider to ensure safety. Nonetheless there are many home recipes and remedies that can help you alleviate your withdrawal symptoms effectively. One good example is the Thomas Recipe.

Designed by a former opiate addict, the popular recipe is a self-detox recipe that includes over the counter medications, minerals,vitamins, herbal supplements and prescription architected to help opiate addicts get through the withdrawal process easily. Research also shows the Thomas Recipe for withdrawals has helped many users of drugs such as a heroin, morphine, oxycodone, cocaine and hydrocone leave a drug a free life. Many users of the recipe say they love it because of its strength and simplicity.

The Famous Thomas recipe ingredients

  • Benzodiazepine like valium, Xanax,Ativan or Klopin. Note that these drugs must be prescribed by a doctor because they are highly addictive.
  • Kave-You can use this one as an alternative to xnax or valium because their impacts on your body are the same. But unlike xnax, kava doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription as it isa safe and natural plant.
  • Immodiumum or Lorperimide.
  • 500 mg caps of L-Tyrosine.
  • Any mineral supplement containing at least 100 percent RDA of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper. It is not easy to find a supplement with such features but you can buy them separately.
  • Epson salt baths.
  • Vitamin P-5-p or B 6.

Using the Thomas Recipe for withdrawals

  1. Take the supplement everyday with some food to help alleviate the restless leg syndrome. Just take enough and be careful not to consume too much. You can start off with a high dose and then lower the quantity per day until the 4th day then stop completely.
  2. Take Epson salt baths as much as you can. This will help reduce aching limbs and muscle soreness significantly. It will also promote quality sleep and relax your body generally.
  3. Using the Lorperidmide or the Immodium as often as you can will help counter diarrhea during withdrawal. Remember to take the least amount you can and don’t use it after the 4th day.
  4. Start taking the L-Tyrosine at least an hour before taking breakfast. This will counter the normal withdrawal symptoms and provide you with mental and physical energy. Take this combination for about a week or two. If you experience any jitters reduce the dose.
  5. Start working out as soon as possible. This will help you produce your body’s natural pain killers (endorphins).Working out is one of the most effective natural remedies for opiate withdrawal and bypassing it will certainly impact your progress negatively. You can choose an exercise that you like so that you don’t get bored and you stick with it.

The cost of the Thomas Recipe

Unlike most inpatient detox, rehab or pharmaceutical options, the Thomas recipe is very affordable. Depending on the quality and amount of the ingredients that you buy, the total cost can run in-between $60 and $100 and note that the amount bought by this amount of cash can last at least a month.
Thomas definitely helped many people with this recipe. If you are looking for a way to effectively reduce your opiate withdrawal symptoms you won’t go wrong with this recipe. Try it today and you will be glad you did.

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