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Tramadol isn’t nearly as addictive as narcotics, even though it works in a similar way, but like all drugs it can be addictive and abused. Unfortunately, like any addiction, your body will react when quitting and can cause some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Tramadol is a medication used to counter severe to moderate pain and with extended release formulation, it can be used to manage chronic conditions. Some withdrawal symptoms that it can counter include diarrhea, sweating, anxiety, depression, restlessness, runny nose, watery eyes, goose bumps and chills. It is usually sold under various brand names including Conzip, Ryzolt and Ultram. Although the medication doesn’t have the same potential for addition as other opioids, recent surveys have shown a significant increase in tramadol abuse cases.


tramadol addiction


How Addictive is Tramadol?


The medication has the potential for dependence and abuse which technically means it is addictive. Risk of addiction usually increases if you take larger doses than directed, use it more often than directed or take it for longer than directed. Overtime tramadol users usually develop withdrawal symptoms and tolerance.


In 2015, the Drug Enforcement Administration listed the drug as a schedule IV substance showing that it has a low potential for physical dependence. Before this change, the drug was not scheduled and was thought to have little or no dependence potential.


The classification was found to be necessary as reports showed that the medication was being abused widely. And to make matters even worse, reports collected since the release of the medication into the market show an increasing trend of abuse worldwide.


How can you get addicted to tramadol?


If you use tramadol as directed by your physician or doctor how do you know you are not getting hooked to it? If you use it as instructed by a qualified doctor, chances of addiction are almost zero. This typically means that you can only get addicted if you take it in a way that it is nor prescribed. It is less likely to get addicted if you use it as prescribed.




The exact dose of this drug will be different for different people. Follow your physician’s directions or the instructions on the label to be safe. However the average dosage is 100mg once per day but your doctor may increase your dose if he or she finds it necessary.

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