Also known as Cyclobenzaprine, Flexeril is a muscle relaxer drug used to alleviate skeletal muscle spasms and other related pain in acute skeletal conditions.


So is Flexeril a Narcotic Agent?


how to use flexeril

Flexeril is not an opioid which technically means that it is not a narcotic agent. In Canada, USA and in most countries around the world, the medication is not considered as a controlled drug and therefore it shouldn’t be regarded as a narcotic in any way. In fact it is in a totally different class of drugs that has no relationship with the narcotic family.


How to use Flexeril


Flexeril is taken by mouth and with or without food as instructed by your physician or doctor 3 times per day. The exact dosage is based on your response to treatment and medical condition. Also note that the medication should only be used for a short while (not more than 3 weeks) unless directed otherwise by your medical provider.


Do not reduce or increase your dose use the drug for longer than directed. Your situation will not enhance any better or faster and your risk of the side effects will increase.


The medication can be used to counter various withdrawal symptoms including dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness, tiredness, muscle pain and constipation. But keep in mind that your healthcare provider has prescribed the drug because she or he has judged that its benefits to you will be greater than any side effects, but most people using it do not experience any chronic side effects. Nonetheless tell your healthcare provider if you experience any serious side effects like confusion, hallucinations, problems urinating, mood changes, trouble breathing and an irregular heartbeat.


Finally, before taking Flexeril make sure you tell your physician if you have any allergies or you are addicted to it. The product contains inactive ingredients that may cause severe allergic reactions in your system. In addition do not use a machinery or drive or do any other work that requires alertness when using this drug as it may make you drowsy or dizzy. Also avoid alcoholic beverages.