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If you’re wondering how long does opiate withdrawal last, they generally will last anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks. After four weeks, most people have recovered from the majority of their severe symptoms. However, the emotional toll can take months before a person is feeling back to normal.

When undergoing opiate withdrawals it is not uncommon for the individual to experience fatigue, anxiety/depression, and insomnia. The symptoms make it very difficult for users to not revert back to the drug and even once the initial withdrawal symptoms have mostly been resolved, there will still be lingering
side effects.

Despite this, don’t get discouraged about attempting to quit using opioids. There are many remedies and over-the-counter drugs that can help reduce these symptoms. If you want to set yourself up for success then it is highly recommended that you taper off of the drug to the losest does you can handle before completely giving up the drug all together.

Besides over-the-counter drugs, there are also several home remedies that many people claim helped in their detoxification process. Here are a list of 3 home remedies that you can try out:

Hot Showers can reduce aches and pains from withdrawals


Hot showers can help alleviate some of the aches and pains that come with opiate withdrawals. Not only do hot showers eliminate aches but they also release tension in your muscles and help you to feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Exercise increases endorphin levels

Exercise is also another great home remedies for withdrawals. Exercise may not sound too appetizing when you are already hurting but exercising can release healthy natural endorphin chemicals that increase your mood. Exercising outside is even better since it brings you into contact with the sun which provides lots of Vitamin D that helps further combat depression and anxiety.

Sleeping helps people recover more quickly from withdrawals

Sleeping is also another great home remedy when experiencing withdrawals. Sleep may prove somewhat elusive since some people experience insomnia when going through withdrawals but if you are able to sleep then not only will you suffer less but you will also recover from withdrawals quicker.

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