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What Are Some Opiate Withdrawal Day 3 Symptoms?

Opiate Withdrawal Day 3 Symptoms

It is withdrawal day 3. You are perhaps wondering when the misery will end. But if you have made it this far, things will only get better from now on. During this time, the worst of every symptom usually passes, but not completely resolved. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience

  • Muscle pain/headaches
  • Restlessness/fatigue
  • Hard time eating
  • Diarrhea
  • Shivering/sweating
  • Cravings/vomiting
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Racing heartbeat

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Opiate withdrawal day 3 shivering


You will be able to sleep for a few minutes and you will have a better appetite but keeping the food down your system will still be a problem. Nonetheless it is still important that you continuously drink water and try to eat so as to boost your immune system’s response and keep up your strength. Vomiting, shivers and muscle soreness will also still be there. Though they will be a bit bearable than day 2.


Day Three Detox Symptoms


Muscle pain


Your hips, shoulders and knees may continue hurting along with other joints especially in the extremities. You may also start experiencing pain in your back.




It is also common to start experiencing headaches at this time. The headaches may range from being constant to severe and mild.


Leg restlessness/Sudden muscle twitches


You will also still experience leg restlessness though at a reduced rate. In some people the leg restlessness symptom however may be replaced by sudden muscle twitches. The twitches can be very sudden and can happen anywhere around your body, but the common regions are the head and legs.


Though rare, the whole body may also just jerk suddenly. It will feel like you are getting an electrical shock. Nonetheless just keep In mind that it is part of the process and it will end with time.

Eating may still be difficult


Eating may still be a problem at this time, but your appetite will be better. You will feel like taking something, but keeping it down will be the problem.




Diarrhea usually reduces significantly at this point, but this is mainly because of lack of food in your system. So try to take something even if you don’t feel like.



You may also continue experiencing Hot and cold sweats at this time. But they won’t be as intense as they were the previous day.




Cravings will also still be there, but it is always important to remember why you decided to quit whenever you feel like going for a dose. You can also distract yourself by spending time with relatives, friends or doing light exercises like walking, jogging and so on. This will make the situation more tolerable and will prevent you from getting back to your old ways.




You will still feel nauseated and sometimes even end up vomiting. But the trick is just to try and take fluids so as to replenish the lost fluids.




If not managed on the 1st and 2nd days of the journey, depression is one of the withdrawal symptoms that can last for months or even years. This will most likely be centered around the shame and guilt of your predicaments. It will be a significant factor especially at night when you are alone in your thoughts.


Racing heartbeat


Not as bad as the previous day but still a factor.




Because there are no more opiates in your system to induce a feeling of calmness, you will likely continue to feel anxious.


Reduced crying spells


Even though the water flowing down your cheeks will reduce a bit, you may become so frustrated that you actually cry. This is because the process is usually very intense at this time. So if you find yourself breaking down, just know that things will get better.


Fully Dilated pupils


Unlike day 2 where your pupils were just starting to dilate due to lack of opiates in your system, at this point your pupils will retract fully and will be very dilated.


Fatigue/low energy


Though not as bad as day 2, you will still feel tired at this point.


Countering Withdrawal Symptoms on the Third Day:


Apart from medication, anything that gets you up and moving will help make your life easier at this point. Exercising will help with blood flow, alternating cold and hot showers will help with anxiety while getting outside in the sun will help with replenishing vitamin D. Yoga, meditation and prayer will also help relieve your body and calm your mind.


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